Preparation Series – Post #1

Have you ever found yourself unprepared for a situation? No towel when you get out of the shower? Someone ate the groceries you were supposed to have for a recipe? An emergency business trip and your luggage may (or may not) be in the basement that flooded last week?

There are many reasons why you might find yourself unprepared. Some of these situations are unavoidable and simply an unfortunate side effect of this thing we call “everyday life.” Other situations, offer us a chance to prepare and make our lives a bit easier. This is especially true when it comes to flipping a property. If you go in unprepared, you are going to find yourself scrambling for solutions.

This blog series will explore 50 ways that you can prepare to flip a property BEFORE you realize that you are in trouble. Today’s post includes the first three:

#1: Spend Time Educating Yourself

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on fancy training. Blogs like ours provide tips, tricks and experience that can point you in the direction of success. Read informational books and tap into the experience of someone in the same industry that has done what you are trying to do.

#2: Be Kind to the Competition

Don’t think of others in your area as competition. Build relationships and help each other. Find them a deal. Learn from what they have done. Your kindness will likely be returned.

#3: Be Realistic

Understand that purchasing, renovating and selling properties is a business that requires time, effort, dedication and hard work. It is not a get rich quick scheme, but can be a source of excellent income when done correctly.

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